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ALMOST, MAINE at the Lab Theatre

John Cariani's hit comedy about love (but not quite) runs at the Lab Theatre November 17-20!

The UofSC Dept. of Theatre and Dance

Almost, Maine

by John Cariani
Directed by David Britt

November 17-20, 2016

Lab Theatre
1400 Wheat St.

Show Times: 
8pm nightly

$5, available only at the door

David Neil Edwards (left) and Deborah Benjamin

One of the most frequently produced plays of the last decade, Almost, Maine takes audiences to a mythical Maine town whose residents find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected and often hilarious ways.  As the northern lights hover in the star-filled sky above, we experience a series of nine variously heartbreaking and heartwarming vignettes, each exploring the ways in which we all strive to find love…almost. 

“ALMOST, MAINE lets in a cold blast of hot love!  This is a play to love — for its quirkiness and its unabashed romantic spirit.” — The Los Angeles Times

“ALMOST, MAINE’s charm is real.  [It] packs wit, earns its laughs, and, like love, surprises you.” — The New York Daily News

Playwright John Cariani sets the tone for any production of the play explicitly in the opening pages of the script.  “The people of Almost, Maine are ordinary people…They are honest and true.  They are not cynical.  [Almost, Maine] is a play about real people who are really truly, honestly dealing with the toughest thing there is to deal with in life: love.”

“It all centers around love and almost getting there,” says the show’s director, David Britt, a senior instructor in the theatre program.  “A few of the characters get there, some don’t get there, and some go the other way.”

“It’s a very intimate play, so it’s perfect for the Lab Theatre space,” Britt adds.  “In a bigger theatre, I think it would be much harder to experience or feel the touching moments that are in this play.” 

Though it was originally produced with just four actors portraying all of the play’s different characters, Britt has opened up the production to nineteen different actors.  “We decided to spread the love,” says Britt.  “The majority of the cast is made up of brand new students, either freshmen or new transfer students.  We’re really excited about that, getting to see new faces on stage and getting to introduce them to doing theatre here.”

Monica Session

Cast in the play are undergraduates Jay Allen, Allie Anderson-Horecny, Rachael Bates, Deborah Benjamin, Matthew Cox, Kayla Crumbley, David Neil Edwards, Marilyn Guy, Scott Koontz, Riley Lucas, Liv Matthews, Sam McMullen, Logan Muckle, Leah Odom, Tristan Pack, Monica Session, Cassidy Spencer, Cole Stephens and Alexandra WoodruffCasey Giust is stage manager for the production.

“There’s a lot of laughs and a lot of tender moments,” says Britt.  “And, it inspires hope when you see characters come together in unexpected ways, and realize they’re lucky to have found each other.”

For more information on Almost, Maine or the theatre program at the University of SC, contact Kevin Bush by phone at 803.777.9353 or via email at

Logan Muckle and Rachael Bates