Arizona Broadway Theatre
January 2016

Direction: Stephen Casey
Scene Design: Jim Hunter
Costume Design: Alyx Kleibsteiber
Lighting Design: Colin Riebel
Sound Design: Eric Johnson

II-1 The Island - A Real Nice Clambake

“ Beauty. In a word it describes the overriding and powerful feeling that pervaded Arizona Broadway Theatre's (ABT) production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's 'Carousel' “

–Jennifer Haaland –Examiner.Com –Jan. 19, 2016

I-1 Opening

“..a visually appealing, musically lush revival... ....Brad Rupp is a scene-stealer as ne'er-do-well whaler Jigger Craigin – and a picturesque set designed by Jim Hunter. “

–Kerry Lengel –The Arizona Republic –Feb. 1, 2016

I-2 A Park Along the Shore

“ The show last night felt at once historic and immediate, and--in every emotionally untidy moment, even amid dark, tangled exchanges--the embodiment of beauty. “

–Jennifer Haaland –Examiner.Com –Jan. 19, 2016

I-1 Opening

“Alyx-Marie Kleinsteiber's striking nineteenth century costumes nicely capture the period, while Jim Hunter's imaginative and effective set design, colorfully lit by Colin Riebel with atmospheric background sounds of evening fairground crowds and late-night crickets by Eric Johnson help bring the whole show alive.“

–David Appleford –Valley Stage and Screen –Jan. 18, 2016

I-1 The Amusement Park

“The opening of this new ABT production is a dazzling presentation of sight and sound. It's 1873, evening time, and a fairground on the New England coastline slowly comes alive. As Lizzie Hatfield's arrangement of the opening musical theme starts to build, so, too, does the fairground carousel; piece by piece, horse by horse, until a full, colorful array of fairground horses and eager paying customers turn in delirious, thrilling circles to that famous, rousing Carousel Waltz. It's very impressive.“

–David Appleford –Valley Stage and Screen –Jan. 18, 2016

I-3 Nettie Flower's Spa on the Oceanfront

“A huge contributing element of last night's beauty was in a set that is visually stunning. “

–Jennifer Haaland –Examiner.Com –Jan. 19, 2016

Basic Set

“...stellar performances of Jeannie Shubitz, Jill-Christine Wiley, and Kathleen Berger and Jim Hunter's elaborate set design. “

–Herbert Paine – – Phoneix –Feb. 4, 2016

II-5 Jullie's Cottage

“The stage images that the creative elements present are vivid throughout. “

–Gil Benbrook –Talking Broadway – Regional Reviews – Phoneix –Jan. 18, 2016

II-2 Mainland Waterfront

II-3 Up There - The Starkeeper

II-4 Down There On The Beach / Ballet

II-4 Down There On The Beach / Ballet

II-6 Outside a Schoolhouse - Graduation

Scene Design Renderings

Basic Set

The Amusement Park

Nettie Fowler

Along the Shore

Island At Night

Up There

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