In The Heights

Orlando Shakespeare Theatre

Fall 2018

Direction: Nick DeGruccio
Music Direction: Josh Ceballos
Choreographer: Kim Ball
Scene Design: Jim Hunter
Costume Design: Christopher Vergara
Lighting Design: Bert Scott
Sound Designer: Craig Beyrooti & Trevor Peters

2020 Orlando Regional Awards of the Decade

In The Heights
Set Design of The Decade

“Orlando Shakes' take on the renowned, Tony-award winning Broadway production was beautifully displayed on-stage, with echoes of the neighborhood brought to life through the masterful scenic designs by Jim Hunter. Hunter's designs reflected the essence of Washington Heights, the culture Miranda's story strived to relay to a wider audience, and brought a slice of what life inside (and around) the corner bodega was like for those characters who call the area home.“
–McKenzie Lakey – Broadway World Orlando – September 9, 2018

“ For “In the Heights“ is pure joy to watch. In fact, the show's warmth flows in every direction , radiating with love of family, love of one's culture, love of the energy of New York City and most of all, a love of home. – – And the intimate layout of the Shakes' Margeson Theater puts the audience right in these character's neighborhood, creating a far more personal experience.....“
–Matthew J. Palm – Orlando Sentinel – September 20, 2018

Scene Design Renderings

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