The King and I

Arizona Broadway Theatre
January 2015

Direction: Andy Myers
Scene Design: Jim Hunter
Costume Design: Kelsey Ettman
Lighting Design: Will Kirkham
Sound Design: Jason Lynn

2015 – Phoenix Regional Awards

The King and I was recognized by the readers of BroadwayWorld.Com with first place awards in the Professional Musicals division in multiple categories, including:

Andy Meyers: Best Director of a Musical
Jim Hunter: Best Scenic Design
Kelsey Ettman: Best Costume Design
Will Kirkham: Best Light Design

King's Library

“Sublime creative aspects include Jim Hunter's winning set design which is made up of an expansive set that takes up the whole width of the stage. Hunter's use of moving platforms to portray the various rooms in the palace with numerous columns and a beautiful skyline of Siam in the background combine with William C. Kirkham's evocative lighting design to create some beautiful stage images. ”

–Gil Benbrook –TalkinBroadway.Com –Jan. 12, 2015

Throne Room

“Arizona Broadway Theatre's production of this classic musical, directed by Andy Meyers, is a fine spectacle, enriched by Jim Hunter's exotic set and Kelsey Ettman's stunning costumes. ”

–Herbert Paine –BroadwayWorld.Com –Jan. 13, 2015

The Classroom

“With superb leads, a great supporting cast, and lush creative aspects, their colorful and rich production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's The King and I is simply stunning. ”

–Gil Benbrook –TalkinBroadway.Com –Jan. 12, 2015

Young Lovers

“ABT's The King and I is a class act production of this classic musical. ”

–Gil Benbrook –TalkinBroadway.Com –Jan. 12, 2015

Small House of Uncle Thomas Ballet

A Puzzlement

Panels Closed

Scene Design Renderings

Shall We Dance

The Throne Room

The Library

Hello Young Lovers

Anna Palace Bedroom

The Classroom

The Ship

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