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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Theatre and Dance

Master of Arts in Teaching Theatre | Curriculum

Degree Requirements

The M.A.T. degree requires 45 semester hours of graduate-level course work, with 6-15 credits in professional education, 15-24 credits in the teaching content area, and 15 hours in internship and seminar. Eligibility for admission is limited to those persons seeking initial teacher certification. Candidates must complete additional course work in professional education and/or their teaching content area at the undergraduate and graduate levels as necessary.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate the ability to conduct in-depth analysis of theatre literature and to produce critical assessments of theatre productions.
  2. Students will become proficient in methods of research and will demonstrate an ability to analyze texts and contexts by recognizing differences and comparisons for the purpose of generalizing the principles of the theatre art.
  3. Students will demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of theatre history and dramatic critical theory.
  4. Students will demonstrate theoretical and practical applications of dramaturgical analysis to theatrical productions and literary management.