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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Theatre and Dance

MFA in Acting

Find yourself in the MFA Acting Program at the University of South Carolina. Ours is a three-year, professionally-oriented conservatory program, which uses the demands of the profession as a model to encourage self-reliance, collaboration, a disciplined work ethic and great curiosity about the acting process.

The core strength of our program is people:

• a group of very talented, highly motivated actors working with insatiable artistic curiosity;

• a faculty of theatre professionals and accomplished scholars who have come together to provide an artistically rich, rigorous, challenging environment that is essential for deep learning;

• and a significant number of professional guest artists-in-residence each year, creating provocative new projects and teaching master classes in their special areas of expertise.

We believe that good acting results from strong conviction, which we understand to be a confluence of many things: full physical engagement, acute thinking, and a penetrating use of language which reflects a refined expression of thought and experience. We are committed to helping our actors find practical ways to engage deeply in a unique personal synthesis that will help each of them develop an articulate, powerful and intelligent presence on stage. We recognize that each actor must have sufficient practical skills to reveal his or her individual artistic idea in a potent, authentic, theatrically exciting way.

Our next graduate class will join the group of extremely talented and committed actors currently in the program, and will become part of a much larger family of successful alumni who have moved on to professional work all over the world.

We are delighted in your interest, and welcome your questions about finding your future with us.



Steven Pearson
Head of Graduate Acting

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Professor Steven Pearson

Professor Robyn Hunt