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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Theatre and Dance

MFA in Lighting Design

The MFA in Lighting Design is an intensive three-year program of study designed to provide professional-grade training in the art of stage lighting.

Lighting Design is at once an expressive act, a craft, and an ever-changing technology.  Our program intends to broaden student competences and experiences down the multiple avenues that spring from the convergence of art, commerce, and technology.   We want our students to find success in their personal goals but also to contribute meaningfully to our shared future.  We endeavor to provide them the quality experiences necessary to bring the needed creativity, depth and credibility to their careers.

In the third year, students complete a semester-long internship in a professional theatre, film or television venue, which each student finds with the guidance of their faculty mentor.  Students normally leave the program with at least three fully realized design projects.

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