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Professor Contributes Her Expertise to New Alexander Technique Book

Associate Professor Sarah Barker, an internationally-renowned teacher of The Alexander Technique, penned a chapter in the new book "Galvanizing Performance."

Associate Professor Sarah Barker has contributed a chapter in the new book Galvanizing Performance: The Alexander Techique as a Catalyst for Excellence, available now through Singing Dragon/Jessica Kingsley Publishers (  As described by the publisher, the book "demonstrates how deliberate movement and specific practice in theatre, music, song and dance can improve the art form, as well as the artist's wellbeing."

In a recent review, Jennifer Mizenko, Professor of Dance and Movement at the University of Mississippi, said:  

"I think the strengths of Sarah’s chapter include the exercises, and also the detailed description of how she worked in each of the situations.  It is rare to find this level of detail.  A.T. principals are being taught through acting feedback.  I also appreciate the explanation of using A.T. to find release in the actor’s body, so the actor could then find the character’s physicality. "

Professor Barker is the author of The Alexander Technique (which has been translated into several languages) and Moving with Ease, a DVD introduction to A.T.  She is an Associate Director of Alexander Technique Associates in Tokyo, and is routinely invited to teach and present A.T. at schools and seminars around the world.