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Renowned Theatre Designer Jean Guy Lecat to Present at Longstreet

Internationally famed technical director, theatrical space designer and scenographer Jean Guy Lecat will give a presentation of his work at Longstreet Theatre, March 12 at 6pm.

Jean Guy Lecat

The presentation, hosted by the Department of Theatre and Dance, is free and open to the public.  Longstreet Theatre is located at 1300 Greene St.

Dubbed "Monsieur Space" by famed theatre director (and longtime collaborator) Peter Brook, Lecat has been, over a nearly fifty year career, a critical contributor to the development of the avant-garde stage.

Lecat worked with Brook from 1976 to 2000 as technical director and space designer, charged particularly with research, transformation or creation of more than 200 spaces throughout the world. He left Peter Brook Company in 2000, and continued to take part in the creation or transformation of spaces at the side of directors and architects. Concurrently he began to share his experiments and discoveries by offering workshops about space around the world, for young professionals or students, theatre makers, architects, artists, set ­and lighting designers. He is also working on a project to create a “Theatre School of Techniques and Spaces” in Lisbon and Moscow.  

Noted theatre writer Randy Gener (American TheatreThe Village Voice) characterized Lecat as "untiring in his exploration of the interaction of theater and architecture, design and performance, space and storytelling." 

UofSC Theatre Professor Nic Ularu says about Lecat:

As a long time friend and being involved over the years in few common projects under the International Organisation of Scenographers, Technicians and Theatre Architects (OISTAT) auspices, I always wanted to invite Jean Guy to give a workshop for our MFA Design students. Actually, we both planned this visit for more than 10 years, but due to his busy professional work all over the world, or to our lack of funding, I postponed this event a few times.  I would like to thank the Provost’s Office for approving my proposal grant that made Mr. Lecat's visit to our university possible.

Besides the few occasions when I presented our students to Jean Guy (2005 Sibiu International Theatre Festival, where we performed The System, and WSD Cardiff, UK where we performed Fusions), I sent our former Scene Design MFA student, Meredith Paysinger Hart, to complete her internship in Paris, and assist Jean Guy for two productions. I really hope that we will continue our collaboration and have more MFA Design students to assist him in the future for his international productions, and to continue to expose them to one of the most preeminent international theatre personalities.