Conference Program


Wagner World Wide: America

Conference Program

All conference sessions will take place in

Recital Hall, School of Music, USC, on Assembly Street


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Afternoon/         Arrivals

7:30-9:00         Film Screening

 Option 1: Die Nibelungen: Siegfried (Dir. Fritz Lang, 1924) with live musical accompaniment by Dennis James
 Option 2:
Stukas (Dir. Karl Ritter, 1941).

Thursday, January 31

8:30-9:00         Welcoming Remarks

Tayloe Harding (Dean, USC School of Music)
Mary Anne Fitzpatrick (Dean, USC College of Arts & Sciences)
Nicholas Vazsonyi, (Dept. of Languages, Literatures & Cultures)
Julie Hubbert, (School of Music)

9:00-10:00        Opening Address: Living with Wagner

 John Deathridge (King’s College, London, UK)

-- Coffee Break --

10:15-12:15     Music
Moderator: John Deathridge (King’s College, London, UK)

Wagner’s Electrifying Thoughts
David Trippett (Cambridge University, UK)

Hans Werner Henze, Wagner, and the Weight of German Musical Culture
Mark Berry (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK)

Unspeakable Songs: History and Sexuality in Tannhäuser
William Scott (University of Pittsburgh)

-- Lunch --

2:15-3:15         Environment I
                              Moderator: Thomas S. Grey (Stanford University)

Rousseau and The Ring
Simon Williams (U. California, Santa Barbara)

Staging a debate – Saar Magal’s “Hacking Wagner”
Olaf A. Schmitt (Bayerische Staatsoper, Munich)

-- Coffee Break --

3:30-5:00         19th-Century Nationalism
                              Moderator: Celia Applegate (Vanderbilt University) 

"Der Kern des Ganzen": The Political Dimension of Wagner's Organic Metaphor
Katherine Syer (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

What Does it Mean for Music Drama to be “National” Art? Revisiting the Case of Wagner
Anthony J. Steinhoff  (Université de Québec à Montréal)

Wagner and the Kaiserreich
Hermann Grampp (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)

5:30-7:30         Reception & Dinner

Hosted by Michael Amiridis, Provost USC

7:30-9:00         Keynote Address: Alex Ross
"Black Wagner: The Question of Race Revisited"


Friday, February 1

8:30-10:30       Cinema / Media
                              Moderator: Julie Hubbert (University of South Carolina) 

From Photographs & Cylinders to SACD & Blu-Ray: Wagner & Advances in Recording Media
David Breckbill (Doane College, Nebraska)

Wagner on DVD – Musical Form and the Gaze of “Regietheater”
Christian Thorau (Universität Potsdam, Germany)

Wagner, Intertextuality & Contemporary Audio-Visual Culture
Walter Carl Metz (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale)

Wagner’s Legacy in the Leitmotivic Film Score
Matthew Bribitzer-Stull (University of Minnesota)

-- Coffee Break --

10:45-12:15     Gender Identities
                              Moderator: Yvonne Ivory (University of South Carolina) 

Performance, Genius, Sex: Wagner and Wilhelmine Schröder-Devrient
Anno Mungen (Forschungsinstitut für Musiktheater, U. Bayreuth, Germany)

Wagner Unmanned
Sanna Pederson (University of Oklahoma)

The Brünnhilde Problem: Wagner’s German Women
Celia Applegate (Vanderbilt University)

-- Lunch --

1:45-2:45         Environment II
                              Moderator: Anno Mungen (Forschungsinstitut für Musiktheater, U. Bayreuth, Germany)   

The Ring as Eco-Parable 
Thomas S. Grey (Stanford University)

Transforming Wagner: Francesca Zambello’s San Francisco Ring Cycle
Geoffrey Green (San Francisco State University)

-- Coffee Break --

3:00-5:00         Third Reich & Israel
                              Moderator: Nicholas Vazsonyi (University of South Carolina)

Wagner in the “Cult of Art in Nazi Germany”
David Dennis (Loyola University Chicago)

Bayreuth and the German War Effort. Karl Ritter's Stukas and the Use of Wagner in Nazi Cinema
Hans Vaget (Emer. Smith College, Massachusets)

Wagner in Israel: Between Memory and Liberalism
Na’ama Sheffi (Sapir College, Israel)
[Sponsored by the Jewish Studies Program, USC]

-- Dinner --

7:30-9:00         World Premiere Screening: Wagner’s Jews (Documentary Film)

Introduced by the Filmmaker, Hilan Warshaw (Barnard College, New York)
Moderator: Laura Kissel (University of South Carolina)
[Sponsored by the Jewish Studies Program, USC]

Saturday, February 2

9:00-11:00       Parsifal
                              Moderator: Mark Berry (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK) 

Space and Place in Parsifal
Holly Watkins (Eastman School of Music)

Wagner’s Parsifal as Art and Ideology, 1882-1933
William Kinderman (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Bayreuth as Bardo: Schlingensief’s Parsifal Production
Edward A. Bortnichak and Paula M. Bortnichak (University of Pennsylvania)

-- Coffee Break --

11:15-12:15     Gender
                              Moderator: Sanna Pederson  (University of Oklahoma)

Rings within Rings: Wedding Bands as Cyclic Structures in Wagner’s Ring Cycle
Steven B. Reale (Youngstown State University, Ohio)

Paradoxes of Bildung in Die Meistersinger
Benjamin M. Korstvedt (Clark University, Massachusetts)


-- Lunch --

2:00-3:15         Marketing
                              Moderator: Nicholas Vazsonyi (University of South Carolina) 

The View from Weimar: (Mis-)Promoting Wagner
James Deaville (Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada)

Globalization, Music Publishing and the Domestic Reception of Musikdrama
Matthew Blackmar (Harvard University)       

-- Coffee Break --

3:30-5:00         Pop Culture / Local Culture
                              Moderator: Julie Hubbert (University of South Carolina) 

Wagner, Camillo Sitte, and the Modern Slow Movement
Stephen Thursby (University of South Carolina)

Diggin’ the Ring: An American Folk Opera
Ryan F. Smith (University of South Carolina)

Never Ask the Merry Nibelungs: Wagner in Operetta from Critique to Aspiration
Micaela Baranello (Princeton University)

5:30-7:30         Dinner – Southern BBQ Bash

7:30-10:00       Das Barbecü (USC Opera, Drayton Hall)