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College of Arts & Sciences
Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute

GIS Analysis of Hazardous Chemical Releases Resulting from Flooding

Charmel Menzel

Advisor:  Dr.Susan L. Cutter



Despite the frequent occurrence of secondary disasters produced by natural events, surprisingly little research and emergency planning for secondary disasters has been conducted. This thesis analyzes the potential of secondary technological disasters (hazardous chemical releases) caused by a natural disaster (flooding). A methodology easily adaptable by the local emergency manager is provided for locating and ranking the hazard potential of fixed sites according to flood-proneness, population vulnerability and chemical hazardousness, using an area in Charleston County, South Carolina as a case study. The ranking provides evidence that secondary technological hazards should be considered in research. The resulting prioritized list assists local emergency managers in addressing preparedness and mitigation initiatives to prevent or minimize the risk to the population.

KEYWORDS: Floods, Chemical Spills, GIS, Secondary Hazards