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Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute

HVRI Responds to Hurricane Florence

September 2018

HVRI continues to respond to multiple media requests for information about Hurricane Florence and its impact on the Carolinas.  Here is a sampling:

Susan Cutter on inequities in recovery among the most vulnerable populations in US News & World Report and the need for a more pro-active approach in flood hazard management according to the Statehouse Report.

Kirstin Dow in Scientific American on adaptation to weather extremes especially in rural areas

Susan Cutter in Associated Press story on hurricane scale not including rain. 

Josh Eagle and Susan Cutter in The New York Times on repeated flooding impacts in the Carolinas.

Jerry Mitchell commenting on small towns and flood recovery in The Washington Post

Susan Cutter on evacuations in the Greenville News and The Conversation

Susan Cutter on rural impacts of hurricanes and flooding in City Lab and The Washington Post and the unequal burdens.

Cary Mock on Voices of America radio talking about Hurricane Florence and in the Post and Courier comparing Hurricanes Florence and Hazel.