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Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute

HVRI Responds to SC Flooding Disaster

October 8, 2015

HVRI has been engaged with SCEMD and FEMA starting on Friday, October 2, 2015 in the on-going support of the response and recovery effort to the statewide rain and flooding event.  Here is a partial list of our activities.

1)  At the request of SCEMD, we are running the FEMA's multi-hazard risk assessment software HAZUS for every South Carolina county for the 100 year flood event using a 30-mile stream density. We have completed nine counties and are processing another ten.  These HAZUS runs are computationally intensive and take about two days per county to run. 

2)  In partnership with Beaufort County GIS, we are developing a streamlined Individual Assistance (IA) and Preliminary Disaster Assessment (PDA) tool for every county using ESRI's Collector App.  We have deployed four counties thus far and will continue to build out the tool for the entire state. 

3)  Using Citizens as Sensors.  We are collecting geo-located tweets and sorting through them to identify the extent of damages statewide by searching attached photos for undeniable proof of storm or flooding damage. 

We will make these data available as soon as we can. So, please check back frequently for updates and data releases.