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College of Arts & Sciences
Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute

Incorporating Medical and Social Vulnerability into an All-Hazards Assessment for the State of Florida

Lead Investigators: Dr. Christopher Emrich and Dr. Susan L. Cutter

Funding: Florida Department of Health

The objective of this project is to create a downscaled model of social vulnerability, medical vulnerability, and hazard vulnerability assessments for use within the state of Florida for planning and resource allocation purposes. The assessment has three components: 1) creation of a spatial SoVI™ at the tract level using 2010 Census data to identify the variability in social vulnerability across Florida; 2) creation of a medical vulnerability index (MedVI) at the zip code level; and 3) provision of a geospatial hazard surface for the state. Each of these components will then be integrated into a comprehensive all-hazards assessment. Resultant vulnerability surfaces will be used by the Florida Department of Health as part of a larger Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA). Additionally, results will provide input into statewide exercises, hazard planning, and will inform key decisions about resource allocation.