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Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute

New Publications

January 2017: Three new publications came out from the HVRI Team: "A GIS Approach to Identifying Socially and Medically Vulnerable Older Adult Populations in South Florida"; "The Perilous Nature of Food Supplies: Natural Hazards, Social Vulnerability, and Disaster Resilience"; "The Forgotten Casualties Redux: Women, Children, and Disaster Risk"; and a special journal issue on the Social Observatories Coordinating Network

Full citations:

Hames, E., J. Stoler, C. T. Emrich, S. Tewary, and N. Pandya, 2016.  A GIS approach to identifying socially and medically vulnerable older adult populations in South Florida, The Gerontologist doi:10.1093/geront/gnw106


Cutter, S.L., 2017.  The forgotten casualties redux: women, children and disaster risk, Global Environmental Change 42:117-121.


Cutter, S. L. 2017.  The perilous nature of food supplies:  natural hazards, social vulnerability, and disaster resilience, Environment, Science and Policy for Sustainable Development 59(1):4-15.


Hofferth, S. L., E. F. Moran, B. Entwisle et al. 2017.  Introduction: history and motivation, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 669:6-17.