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College of Arts & Sciences
Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute

Web-based Risk Assessment Planning Project for the State of Florida


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Principal Investigators:  Dr. Christopher Emrich, Dr. Melanie Gall



In cooperation with the Florida Department of Emergency Management, the HVRI will develop and deploy:

  1. A web-based Hazards Events and Locations Prognosticator for Florida (HELPFl), which will enable users to gather and input pre-identified baseline spatial data pertaining to specific hazards into a geospatial (ArcGIS) model; and,
  2. A web-based Hazard Vulnerability Index (HazVI) specific to the State of Florida, which will incorporate geospatial models, geospatial data pertaining to hazard event locations, hazard zones, and hazard zone/probability combinations.

By including geophysical, meteorological, and hydrological factors, the HELPFl and Florida-specific HazVI will enhance to the ability of Florida counties to conduct a comprehensive hazards analysis for an effective local mitigation strategy.