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College of Arts & Sciences
GIScience Program


Campus GIS


The Campus GIS Program is here to assist you in discovering how GIS can benefit you and your department.  We provide training to teach you the basics of GIS and can meet with you to see how you could benefit from GIS integration.  This training can be one on one or in a group setting.

Geographic Information Systems are used everyday in disciplines such as business, ecology, engineering, natural resources and public safety, just to name a few.  GIS helps to disseminate and analyze data from a perspective that may not be able to be shown through traditional measures.  There are various methods in which GIS can be implemented within your organization.  Do you need to distribute information to staff in the field through web maps?  Do you need to provide information to field crews during an emergency?  Do you need to see how particular information is distributed throughout a state, country or the world? Do you want to learn how GIS can be applied to your daily research?

Current users receiving the various benefits of the Campus GIS Program requires users to participate in a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Campus GIS Program. The participation fees set below helps pay for the site license we maintain with Esri for GIS software. The fee structure is reviewed yearly. For Fiscal Year 2017 (starting July 1, 2016) a unit's participation fee is set at $3250 for unlimited use of the ESRI software included in our site license. Individual licenses can also be purchased for $1000.  In addition to the software provided, there may be additional charges depending on the type of request.  These requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

If you would like to receive additional information on the program, please contact Kevin Remington.