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College of Arts & Sciences
GIScience Program


The following software is covered under USC's Site License contract # 92S0941 with Environmental Systems Research Institute (except where noted). The terms of the license state that software may be used for instructional or University-related research and internally use by students, staff and faculty on the Columbia campus. If you are a faculty or staff member in the College of Arts & Sciences, a student seeking a degree in an Arts & Sciences program or any affiliate (faculty, staff or student) in a unit (usually department) who has signed a campus Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), then you are permitted to obtain software through our campus GIS support program.

Specific ESRI software available through our license and restrictions on its use can be found here.


GeoGenesis is a suite of image processing and extraction software made available to the University through a generous gift by former Geography alumnus Dr. Matthew Heric, CEO of the parent company IAVO - a company based out of Durham, NC.  GeoGenesis functionality includes registration and orthorectification of aerial and satellite imagery, mosaicking and other digital image processing functionality.

Contact the Campus GIS Coordinator, Kevin Remington, if you have any software related questions or would like to obtain software for campus or instructional use.