Welcome to the ISME network

The International Sustainability Management Education (ISME) network promotes systems thinking through its education and research, support of sustainability summer schools, creation of global sustainability teams, and sharing sustainability tools and progress through its global sustainability teams.

The ISME network provides the structure needed to establish the foundation for global sustainability.  The ISME focuses on using a systematic approach to identify and manage the causes and effects of environmental, social, and economic risks. Based on sustainable development as the thematic area of study, the ISME's main objective is to create interdisciplinary global sustainability teams that assist organizations and communities in sustainable development planning to ensure risks to sustainable development are identified and managed.     

The ISME is a virtual global organization that creates the needed direction and motivation to build education and research programs to assist individuals in better understanding global sustainability and their role in promoting and supporting sustainability principles in their organization.  The growth of sustainability requires entrepreneurial thinking and innovation using the systematic management approach in developing and growing viable enterprises that continually create needed services and technologies for a sustainable economic development.

Our Objectives:

  1. Bring together the knowledge and experience of global communities to contribute to peace and prosperity through better understanding the cause and effect of global risks;
  2. Improve the quality and increase the volume of student and faculty mobility around the world;
  3. Increase the quality and volume of multilateral cooperation between higher education institutions in the area of global sustainable development;
  4. Create and encourage interdisciplinary teamwork and build student competency in environmental, social and economic problem solving;
  5. Enhance student learning of global sustainable development through applying real world concepts in a multidiscipline and multicultural setting, and
  6. Emphasize importance of a student's responsibility to understand systems thinking and cultural diversity as it applies to problem solving and conflict resolution.