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College of Arts & Sciences
The Neuroscience Minor Program



Students must apply to be accepted to the Neuroscience Minor.   Eighteen credit hours are required to satisfy the minor. Students must complete the required three credit Introduction to Neuroscience course and 2-3 credit hours of neuroscience research experience under an independent study number.  Additional honors course or other specialized courses in the neurosciences may also satisfy the minor requirements provided the course substitutions are approved by the one of the co-directors of the neuroscience minor. No more than a total of six credits of independent study credits may count towards the minor.Below are the requirements for the neuroscience minor approved for the 2017 - 2018 Bulletin.  Students entering USC prior to 2017 may go by either the new requirements below or the previous requirements that are listed in previous Undergraduate Bulletins of their year.  Please note that the former course SCHC 330 Introduction to Neuroscience is equivalent to PSYC 455.

For students with major in the College of Arts and Sciences, you cannot count courses for requirements of both your major and the Neuroscience Minor.   For students with major in another college or school, please check with your the curriculum coordinator for your major on whether courses can be counted for both.


  • BIOL 101               Biological Principles I
  • PSYC 101              Introduction to Psychology


  •  PSYC 455              Introduction to Neuroscience


The independent research can be done under any major independent research codes as long as the research is in the field of neuroscience.  The research must be done for credit.   Examples include BIOL 399, PSYC 498, PSYC 598, PSYC 599, SCHC 399, and BMEN 499.  The title of the independent study must clearly indicate that the research involves the study of the nervous system in some manner and the course must be approved by one of the co-directors of the minor.   Students are strongly encouraged to engage in neuroscience research early in their career;  many faculty mentors require a year committment or more and will not take a student in their final semester of their senior year.

REQUIRED ELECTIVES: 13 to 14 credits

Select courses from the following list.  In addition, one three credit independent study in neuroscience may count in the Elective group.  Sometimes Honors courses and special topics courses in neuroscience are offered and these are approved on a semester by semester basis by the co-directors of the neuroscience minor.

Note that many of the courses below have prerequisites and/or co-requisites. Course instructors can always give permission to take the course without the listed prerequisites and/or co-requisites and you should consult with individual instructors if you think that you have an adequate background and would like to take the course. 

  • ANTH 361              Becoming Human
  • BIOL 302/L            Cell and Molecular Biology and Laboratory (Prereqs: BIOL 102, Coreqs: CHEM 333)
  • BIOL 405               Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology (Prereqs: BIOL 101 and 302 or permission of instructor)
  • BIOL 460               Physiology (Prereqs:  BIOL 302 or MSCI 311)
  • BIOL 534               Animal Behavior (Prereqs:  301 or MSCI 311)
  • BIOL 534L             Animal Behavior Laboratory  Coreq:  BIOL 534)
  • BIOL 614               Stem Cell Biology  (Prereqs: BIOL 302 or permission of instructor)
  • BIOL 634               Biology of Neurological Disease  (Prereqs: BIOL 302 and SCHC 330 or BIOL 405)
  • BIOL 635               Neurophysiology   (Prereqs: BIOL 302 and permission of Instructor)
  • BMEN 321              Biomonitoring and Electrophysiology (Prereqs:  MATH 242, PHYS 212, BIOL 302)
  • CSCE 555              Algorithms in Bioinformatics (Prereqs:   CSCE 350)
  • ELCT 220               Electrical Engineering for Non-majors (Prereq:  MATH 142)
  • EXSC 351              Acquisition of Motor Skills (Prereqs:  EXSC 223 and 224)
  • PHIL 351               Mind & Nature
  • PSYC 370              Psychology of Consciousness
  • PSYC 400              Survey of Learning and Memory (Prereq:  PSYC 101)
  • PSYC 405              Cognitive Psychology
  • PSYC 450              Sensation and Perception  (Prereq:  PSYC 101)
  • PSYC 503              Psychology Drug Use and Effects  (Prereq:  PSYC 450 or PSYC 460 or PSYC 455)
  • PSYC 507              Cognitive Neuroscience (Prereq:  PSYC 400 or 405 or 450 or 460)
  • PSYC 571              Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory (Prereqs:  PSYC 226 and 227, Prereq or coreq:  PSYC 400, 405, 450, 455 or 460
  • PSYC 560              Advanced Topics in Neuroscience  (Prereq:  PSYC 455 or 460)
  • PSYC 570              Neuroscience Laboratory (Prereq:  PSYC 455 or 460)