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Maritime Research Division

Division Staff Members Attend 2016 Society for Historical Archaeology Meetings in Washington, DC




    MRD staff members Jim Spirek, Jessica Irwin, Nate Fulmer, and Dan Brown kicked off the New Year by representing the Division at the annual Society of Historical Archaeology’s Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology in Washington, DC January 5th-9th, 2016.

We presented several papers on current and previous research efforts.   

Nate had the honor of chairing the Underwater Archaeology in the Southeast and Caribbean session which included him and Jessica co-presenting a paper on the Hobby License and educational programs and Dan and Jim co-presenting a paper on the SC-BOEM Cooperative Agreement Study.  Jessica also co-presented a paper based on her Master’s research studying slave ships.  

 Throughout the conference, each of us attended a number of informative talks discussing shipwrecks from various historical eras, 3-D technologies, public educational efforts, and especially pertinent to South Carolina, the archaeological and historical findings from the “Storm Wreck” that struck the shoals off St. Augustine, FL. This ship transported British troops and Loyalists evacuating Charleston in 1782 after surrendering the port city to the Rebels, or as we know them—Patriots in the closing days of the Revolutionary War. Jessica also co-presented a paper based on her Master’s research studying slave ships.  

All-in-all, 2016 was an excellent conference—meeting with our colleagues, sharing stories, and we are looking forward to another year advancing our knowledge and methods to manage and document the maritime archaeological legacy in the rivers and coastal waters of South Carolina.