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College of Arts & Sciences
Maritime Research Division

Diver of the Quarter: Teresa Donelan

By Nate Fulmer, MRD

     Each quarter, this award is devoted to the hobby diver(s) who go above and beyond the call of duty.  He/she has submitted excellent reports, been an exceptional volunteer, has gone out of their way to preserve cultural heritage and/or natural history in the state, or has been a general inspiration to other licensees, the public, or us.  Four times a year, we pick a licensee that resembles one or more of these noteworthy traits.  

 The honor of Hobby Diver of the Quarter for the 3rd Quarter of 2015 goes to licensee Teresa Donelan (#4361).

This isn't the first time Teresa has been recognized by us before for her outstanding work under the auspices of the Hobby Diver License program and we look forward to seeing her detailed dive reports each quarter.  Teresa has been a licensed hobby diver since 2007 and has volunteered for Division field projects in the past.  Teresa has also attended many of our Columbia Wing Night events.  Over the past decade, she has submitted some outstanding reports of artifacts she finds while diving and her reports are among some of the most exeptional we see. Teresa consistently includes detailed information about her dives (water conditions, depth, visibility, current, etc.) and tells us all about each dive location, even when she doesn't make recoveries. Teresa's site reports are a great example of ethical scientific dive methodology. Even when she strikes out, her descriptive reports help us understand more about each dive location, and we appreciate her dedication to recording and reporting each and every dive.  The photo above is a piece of stoneware pottery she reovered last year.  Thank you for the great work you do to report your dives, Teresa, we appreciate your ongoing participation in the program!


 If you know of someone who fits some or all of these categories and would like to nominate them, please send a brief email to us at and tell us why you think they should be Hobby Diver of the Quarter.