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MRD on Twitter and Instagram

MRD joins Twitter and Instagram

MRD launches on Twitter @maritime_MRD

By Jessica Irwin

 We are happy to announce that The Maritime Research Division has joined Twitter and will be launching on Instagram on June 1st.  The MRD team is excited to bring several series to twitter including #TalkLikeAPirate and #ArtifactOfTheDay. #TalkLikeAPirate is a light hearted look at nautical terminology and how much it has influenced words and phrases we use today. #ArtifactOfTheDay will highlight artifacts from our collections and those submitted by hobby divers to help you identify your own finds.

 Our Instagram will feature our field work, throwback posts, and submissions from divers around the state. South Carolina is a beautiful state full of great dive sites and beautiful waterways all of which we strive to protect and share with you.

 On Facebook we have started a new feature as well, This Day in Maritime History, will highlight important historical events that took place in South Carolina and influenced life on the water.  Maritime archaeology is not just the study of shipwrecks but all aspects of shipping and life on the water. South Carolina was an important part of every military conflict since the birth of our nation and participated in all the major aspects of trade. We will strive to bring you more detail about our maritime legacy from shipwrecks to naval battles to shipyards and coastal settlements.

 As always we want to include you as much as possible as we are the stewards of history not the owners. If there is something that you would like to see on Facebook or twitter please let us know! 

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