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Maritime Research Division

Hobby Diver of the Quarter: Susan Reece

We applaud Susan's efforts to teach her children to document and report their submerged finds.

By Nate Fulmer, MRD

     Each quarter, this award is devoted to the hobby diver(s) who go above and beyond the call of duty.  He/she has submitted excellent reports, been an exceptional volunteer, has gone out of their way to preserve cultural heritage and/or natural history in the state, or has been a general inspiration to other licensees, the public, or us.  Four times a year, we pick a licensee that resembles one or more of these noteworthy traits.  

 The honor of Hobby Diver of the Quarter for the 1st Quarter of 2016 goes to licensee Susan Reece (#5805).

Susan is relatively new to the program and her photographic reports to us have been outstanding.  When Susan contacted our office last summer to find out about the program, she explained that she was not a diver and that she and her children were primarily interested in collecting submerged artifacts and fossils from shallow sites along the riverbank near their home in Charleston County.  Since she received her license, Susan has submitted a number of photos with her reports, and we applaud her efforts to teach her children to document and report their submerged finds.   

This isn't the first time we've recognized a non-diver for their work under the auspices of the Hobby Diver License, and we expect it won't be the last.  Non-divers have been a growing demographic in the program in recent years as more and more members of the public become aware of the South Carolina Underwater Antiquities Act and the Hobby License Program.   Although the program was originally intended for scuba divers, anyone who wants to legally collect artifacts and fossils from submerged sites for recreational purposes must obtain a Hobby License. 

The photo at the top of the page is a pair of notched stone projectile points that Susan reported to us in the first quarter of 2016.  Some of her fossil finds have been quite impressive as well (see photo to the right).  Thank you for the great work you do to record and report your finds, Susan!  We appreciate your ongoing participation in the program and your efforts to inspire the next generation of Hobby Licensees.

 If you know of someone who fits some or all of these categories and would like to nominate them, please send a brief email to us at and tell us why you think they should be Hobby Diver of the Quarter.