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Dr. Lance Davis Dive Safety and Medicine Video Series

Part 2: Triage of Diving Complications & Access to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

by SCIAA's Dive Safety and Control Board

Understanding the ABC's of dive medicine is important so that if an accident occurs while you are diving, the proper steps can immediately be taken to insure the best possible outcome. This video highlights what signs to look for and how to react. 

The Dive Safety page of Dr. Lance's website is updated with documents, videos, links and other information to increase awareness and safety in the dive community.  Video topics include information about emergency action plans, how to access the hyperbaric unit for evaluation and treatment, field management of marine and dive-related medical problems, among many other topics. In adhering to and promoting safe diving, we want to share these materials with the Hobby Diver community. 

We encourage all of our volunteers and licensees in the Hobby Diver Program to check out these resources on his website via the links above. In future publications, we will feature some of these videos in this section of the newsletter.