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College of Arts & Sciences
Maritime Research Division

Hobby Diver of the Quarter: Robert Johnson

Recognizing excellence in ethical collection methodology and outstanding Artifact Reports.

       Each quarter, this award is devoted to the hobby diver(s) who go above and beyond the call of duty.  He/she has submitted excellent reports, been an exceptional volunteer, has gone out of their way to preserve cultural heritage and/or natural history in the state, or has been a general inspiration to other licensees, the public, or us.  Four times a year, we pick a licensee that resembles one or more of these noteworthy traits.  

 The honor of Hobby Diver of the Quarter for the 2nd Quarter of 2016 goes to licensee Robert Johnson (#5726)

       Since Robert obtained his license in September 2014, he has done some impressive work under the auspices of the Hobby Diver License program.  We look forward to seeing his detailed reports and outstanding photographs as they are among some of the most exeptional we receive each quarter.   Like many others who brave the murky waters beneath the surface of our historic public waterways, Robert finds some interesting artifacts while diving. He consistently includes detailed locational information, including specific GPS coordinates of the dive sites where he collects artifacts.  Robert promptly files his reports throughout each quarter, usuallly within a few days of his dives.  Most of his photos include a scale for reference, and he often provides multiple shots of his more interesting finds. His site recordings are a great example of ethical scientific collection methodology, and he goes the extra mile to provide supplemental information such as contemporary photos and drawings that provide further context to the sites he explores and the artifacts he recovers.   The ceramic service tray pictured above was one of the many noteworthy artifacts that Robert reported to us during the 2nd Quarter of 2016.  

     Thanks again for the great work you do to report your finds, Robert. We are grateful to have you involved with the program and anticipate many more great reports from you in the future!

     If you know of someone who fits some or all of these traits and would like to nominate them for future recognition, please send a brief email to us at and tell us why you think they should be Hobby Diver of the Quarter.