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College of Arts & Sciences
Maritime Research Division

Internship Spotlight

Meet our Spring 2017 Intern, CofC Senior Erin Stotts

Erin Stotts is a graduating senior at the College of Charleston.  She is getting her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with a minor in Archaeology.

Erin has spent the spring documenting our teaching collection and helping with our education and outreach efforts!  She has taken hundreds of pictures of our artifacts, identified them, labeled them and prepared them to go out into the world. This collection is what we use when teaching artifact identification courses as well as any school visits that we do.

The goal of our teaching collection is to have an example of every type of artifact commonly found in South Carolina so that we can help others identify objects in their own collections.  Erin has done an excellent job of cataloging our collection. Now we can start to fill in the gaps.

Erin’s long term goals are to work in archaeology for a few years before she pursues graduate school.  She might take some time to pursue her interesting culinary school as well. Erin is interested in south eastern prehistoric archaeology, colonial archaeology, and ethnography.  She is very driven young woman and we have enjoyed having her in the Charleston Field Office.