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Maritime Research Division

Joe Beatty Retiring

We say farewell to Joe Beatty after nearly 40 years of service

Following 39 years of service to the state and the Univeristy of South Carolina, Joe Beatty will be retiring this summer.   Joe started his careeer at the University in Transportation Services and transferred to the Institute in the mid-1980s.  In his time at the Institute, Joe has worked on terrestrial sites such as Santa Elena and underwater sites such as the Hunley.  He has been a part of every major project that the Maritime Research Division has conducted since 1985.  

When asked to write a few words about Joe’s retirement just 4 years after his own, his buddy and former MRD archaeological technician Carl Naylor had this to say:  

"After more than an elephant’s age as a staff member of the University of South Carolina, Joe Beatty recently discovered the location of the Human Resources department and submitted his retirement papers. On July 1, Joe will come to work at the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology to find the front door locks have been changed and he is no longer able to enter the building. 

Joe’s illustrious career at the Institute includes . . . uh, well, he did a lot of neat stuff. Ask him about that submarine thing he helped raise. 

The announcement of his retirement was received with cheers by those who are looking forward now being eligible for his season tickets to the Gamecock football games. Other simply shrugged their shoulders.”


Joe has been a dedicated member of our team. Over the past few years he has been our boat driver and dive safety officer.   He will be impossible to replace, and his easy-going personality will be deeply missed at the MRD as well as SCIAA.   We wish him the best of luck as he starts his next adventure.