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Printing a PowerPoint Poster from PC

Image of file page setup

1. Set up the page size. When creating your document you can set up the page size that you would like by going to page setup in the file menu or from the design tab.

Image of page set up new size


2. Enter the dimensions. PowerPoint will choose the correct orientation for you. 

If you change the page dimensions after you have already worked on the page be sure to check back over your document. Powerpoint will adjust some of the sizes in ways that you may not like.

3. Choose Print and Select Printer. When you are ready to print choose print from the file menu. select the plotter that you want to use from the list of printers. You may need to scroll to the top to see the plotters. Both plotter A and Plotter B are loaded with satin finish paper that is 42 inches wide. Plots are $4 per square foot and there is a minimum charge of $4.

Image of more pull down

4. Choose paper size. Although the plotter is printing from a roll, you must still specify paper size. To do this click on properties. In the paper/ quality tab choose more... from the list in the document size pull down.

Image of custom size options

5. Select an appropriate size from the list. Make sure to pick a size that will accomodate the size that you chose earlier in page setup. The size should be at least as big as the page size you chose in order to prevent cropping. We have set up custom sizes specifially for the plotters at the bottom of the list.

*If one of your dimensions is set to the max printer size you may cut into your image. To avoid this set the page size in page setup to allow for 1/2 inch of extra border. This means that one dimension must be less than 41.5 inches in order to fit within the printable area.

Image of print window

6. PRINT PREVIEW. Click OK to return to the print window. Click on preview to make sure that the setting you changed came out as you intended. This is very important. You will be charged for reprints if you make a mistake. If your document looks wrong in the print preview it will be wrong when printed. If it looks correct click print and then click OK in the print window.