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College of Arts & Sciences
Computing and Information Technology

CAS Remote Labs

Remote Lab is available for all College of Arts and Sciences students, faculty and staff. it allows you to access a virtual computer lab desktop from any location using any device.

Remote Access to PC Labs

Get Started on a Browser

  1. Open your web browser and log into CAS Remote Lab
  2. Click on Verizon VMWare Horizon HTML Access
  3. Use your UofSC ID to sign in with ds\ in front of your username.
  4. Complete Dual Factor Authentication
  5. Select the Remote lab.  This will launch the desktop which is the same as logging in to a traditional computer in a lab on campus.  It may take several seconds to load depending on your connection.Once you are logged in you can use software on the computer the same as you would on campus.


  • You can upload a file from your local machine.  If you click on the Chevrons to open the menu.  Once uploaded it will be saved in the documents folder.
  • There is also an option to copy and paste text from your local machine.  

Quick Videos