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College of Arts & Sciences
Computing and Information Technology

Policies and Style Guidelines for CAS Digital Signs

In an effort to maintain consistency in message and branding, we have established some basic content guidelines that should be met before accepting submissions for display on CAS digital signage. By following these guidelines, your message will look professional and have a greater reach.


Digital display signs in Arts & Sciences are college resources set up to promote college-specific events and official, university-level announcements. Due to the limited nature of alternating signs, we cannot accommodate requests from other non-CAS departments and organizations.

Ads must be received one week prior to the desired start date. Ads not received by the deadline may not be put up.

Submit artwork here

Ads will be put into rotation for up to two weeks or until the day after the event.

A&S IT reserves the right to edit or reject submissions for clarity, content, copyright infringement, and aesthetics.

A&S IT reserves the right to reject ads that are not the correct dimensions (1920x1080 pixels, 96 dpi and saved as .jpg) for the digital signage system. Contacting Johanna Lewis for templates and guidelines will help you generate effective advertisements for the digital signage system.

A&S IT does not archive ads; departments will be responsible for resubmitting ads for reposting.

These screens will be limited to a maximum of 30 ads at any time.


Digital signage must be sized to 1920 x 1080 pixels, 96 dpi, and the file must be saved as a .jpg under 700k in size.

Departments should refer to and follow required university identity and style guide standards.

When designing promotional materials for the CAS digital signage system, please keep clarity and aesthetics in mind by using easy-to-read fonts and clear photos.  

Make sure to include all pertinent information such as date, time, and location of an event.



Keep it simple. Too much text or too many images on a digital sign will clutter your message and decrease readability. Try using fewer than 30 words in order to make the greatest impact. Each sign image is only visible for 10 seconds so there's no time to read much more than 30 words.


All digital sign images must be sized at 1920 x 1080 pixels and the image resolution must be either 72 or 96 dpi.


Consider the colors used in your flyer carefully. Consider using the University of South Carolina color palette if appropriate for your design needs. Regardless of the colors you use, make sure you have strong contrast between your image background colors and the text colors so that your sign can be easily read when displayed. When you have decided on the colors to use, try using just a few colors on each flyer to minimize viewer distraction.


The text on your digital flyer needs to be readable. Use large font sizes so your message can be read without the need to stand directly in front of the screen. University Fonts can be found here.