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Printing from PDF to Plotter (Posters for Mac)

Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat Professional. To print a PDF file to the plotters you will need to know the size of the page of your document. You can find this by going to properties in the file menu. Notice the page size just below the file size. My poster is 13.92" by 23.33". I will choose a paper size to accommodate this.

Image of Document Properties

Access the page setup options from the file menu.

Image of File menu


In the page setup choose to "Format for" the either plotter A or B. Choose Manage custom sizes from the paper size pull-down.

Image of Manage Custom Sizes



In the custom page sizes window you can create a custom paper size to accommodate your poster. Click on the "+" to add a new custom size to the list. You can double click on the "Untitled" name in the list to change the name (I changed my custom size to be called "My Poster Size.")

Set the dimensions of your page size so that they are approximately 1/2 " to 1" larger than your document's page size. I chose 24 by 14. The width dimension always refers to the width of the paper in the plotter and the height dimension is the length of the role of paper. You can conserve paper by making your longer side the width of the paper and changing the orientation of your poster. I made my width 24" and turned my poster sideways to fit it on the page. Go greener.

Set the margins to 0. Click OK


Image of Custom Page Sizes

Make sure to choose the poster size that you created in the page setup pane. You should see the correct dimensions below the pull-down. You can change the orientation here by clicking the little pictures, as mentioned in the previous step. Click OK.


Image of Page Setup Final


Choose print from the file menu. Select the plotter that you will use. A is glossy and B is flat.

Choose "none" under the paper scaling options so print the document the same size as shown in the document properties window from the first step. There are other scaling options here if you would like to change the size of your print out. (Be careful if you are stretching a small image to fit a large poster as you may not be happy with the pixelation that results.)

If you choose "Auto-Rotate and Center" your document will automatically be rotated to fit on the page. This makes going greener even easier. (Thanks auto-rotate!)

Notice the dimensions under the preview window. If everything seems correct here, you are ready to click print.

Image of Print Screen