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Printing a Poster From Photoshop

Printing a Poster From Photoshop

1. Look at your image size window. You can get there from the image menu. The document size refers to the print size. For example, in the graphic below, this image will print 20 x 16. For more information about image size, please see: Understanding Image Size in Photoshop.

2. This is the print pane accessible through the file menu under print. Select the printer that you will use. Both Plotter A and B are loaded with satin finish paper that is 42 inches wide. One dimension of the image must be smaller than 41.5 inches.

Image of Print Pane

3. Click on page setup and you will see the this pane:

Image of Page Setup

4. Choose the printer you will use again, then click the paper size pop-up and choose manage custom sizes.

Image of Manage Custom Sizes

5. Here is where you create custom size pages. Create a page size that will accommodate your image. The page size should be at least as big as the image but may be bigger. If your image is smaller than 42 inches, set the longer side as the width. You can change the orientation of your image from portrait to landscape if necessary. This is to save paper (and trees).

Image of Custom Pages Sizes

6. Click the + to create a new size. Double click on untitled to name it. Set the width and Height. Set the printer margins to the printer you are using. Click OK.

Image of Creating a Custom Size

7. Choose the image size that you created from the paper size pop-up menu.

Image of Choose Your Image Size

8. Click ok. Preview your image in the print window. You may need to choose the orientation by clicking the symbol under the image if it is not flipped to fit the paper. If something doesn't look right, ask for assistance. You will be responsible for mistaken prints.

Image of Print Preview Selection Box

9. Click print and then print again in the print driver.