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Using a Profile to print with accurate colors, HP z6100ps

Printer profiles allow you to manage the plotters color with Photoshop to accurately reproduce the colors as they appear on your monitor. Color printing profiles have been created for our plotters and are installed on the Macintosh computers.

Image of Choose a Printer

1. After you choose print from the Photoshop file menu you will see the print setup window. First choose the plotter you are going to use.

Image of page set up dialog box

2. Set up the page size and margins. Click on the page setup button. Select the printer that you intend to use. Choose the paper size. (You may want to set up a custom page size to keep from wasting paper.) Click OK.

Image of photoshop manages colors

3. Choose color management from the output / color management pull down on the top right side of the print setup window. In the color handling pull-down choose Photoshop manages color. In the rendering intent area choose perceptual. (You may want to use a different rendering intent. If you don’t know what this is just use perceptual.)

Image of Photoshop Plotter Profiles


4. Chose the profile that corresponds to the plotter you will use. There is a long list of profiles in the printer profile pull-down. Profiles have been created for our printers with the paper that we have loaded. Choose the profile that matches the printer and paper you intend on using.

Plotter A and B are loaded with  glossy paper, Plotter A or B profile.

Click Print

Image of Color Options

5. Set up the printer. From the printer pull-down select the plotter that you are going to use. In the third pull-down from the top select Color Options. Make sure that application managed colors is selected in the color management area,


Image of image quality

6. Image quality. From the same pull-down as color options choose image quality. From quality options choose custom and in the quality list choose Best. If you are printing on glossy papers choose max resolution for photpapers. Preview and print.

Image of Gamecocks