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Print a Poster from a PDF

To print a PDF you first need to go to print setup. You can find this in the file menu.

Image of File

This is the print setup window that you will see next.

Image of Page Setup window

Select the printer that you wish to use. We have two plotters, A and B, and both of them are loaded with the satin finish paper. Plots are $4 per square foot and there is a minimum charge of $4. One side must be 41.5 inches or less in order to fit within the plotters printable area.

Image of Select printer


Next you need to set up the paper size. You need to know how big you want to print the PDF. Click the properties button in the print setup window. In the properties window choose the paper/ quality tab. In the document size pull down go to more.

Image of More Properties

At the bottom of the document size list you will find some pre-defined custom sizes that we have created to be used with our plotters. Pick a paper size that is at least as big as the document that you are going to print. It is ok for the paper to be larger than the document as this will not effect the document size (you can trim off excess white paper after you print.) Click the ok button at the bottom and then also click the ok button in the print setup window.


Image of Custom Sizes

Again go to the file menu and choose print. You should see a window like this with the printer you chose in the previous steps already selected.

Image of print

In the page scaling box choose none to ensure that your image will print the same size that it was originally created. If you need to rescale the document (i.e. blow it up for a larger poster) it is recommended that you use the Mac computers that are loaded with Adobe Acrobat Professional. If everything looks correct in the preview window click ok to print