Catch Me If You Can

Arizona Broadway Theatre

June 2018

Direction / Choreographer: Stephen Casey
Music Direction: Adam Berger
Scene Design: Jim Hunter
Costume Design: Lottie Dixon
Lighting Design: Karyn Lawrence

“ Arizona Broadway Theatre's production features a talented cast, sure footed direction, fun and inventive choreography and creative elements that perfectly evoke the period and style of a '60s variety show. –– Set designer Jim Hunter features the color, styles and imagery of the 1960s, which works very well for the variety show vibe.“
–Gil Benbrook – Talking Broadway – July 19, 2018

“.... the glamour of the production: Lottie Dixon's spectacular costumes; Jim Hunter's colorful set design, accentuated by a fashionable double staircase at the top of which Adam Berger's band reigns supreme.“
–Herbert Paine – Braodway World Arizona – August 1, 2018

“....well designed by Jim Hunter...“
–ROBRT L. PELA – Phoenix New Times – July 19, 2018

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