Theatre South Carolina

University of South Carolina
February 2014

Direction: Robert Richmond
Scene and Lighting Design: Jim Hunter
Costume Design: April Andrews
Sound Design: Britt Sandusky
Photography: Jason Ayers

2014 BroadwayWorld – South Carolina Regional Awards

Hamlet recognized by the readers of BroadwayWorld.Com with first place awards in six categories:

Best Production of a Play: Hamlet
Best Direction of a Play: Robert Richmond - Hamlet
Best Lighting Design: Jim Hunter- Hamlet
Best Ensemble in a Musical or Play: Hamlet
Best Leading Actor in a Play: James Costello- Hamlet
Best Supporting Actor in a Play: Richard Willis- Hamlet
Theatre Artist of the Year: Robert Richmond - Hamlet

Review Excerpt–

“There is one place, surely, that Hamlet does not belong, who, more than any other character in literature defines modern consciousness and consciences.... And that place is a madhouse.....So, then, let us put him there and see what happens!“

“Reason to transform the Globe Theatre stage into a fantastical sanitarium borne from the imagination of Terry Gilliam and Dante's Inferno...“

“The experimental nature of Richmond's production–which excels on every technical level (and for which....Theatre SC Artistic Director Jim Hunter deserve(s) umpteen accolades)–forces interesting re–readings. “

“I want to give a lexical standing ovation to every member of the Theater SC technical crew who helped turn the stage itself into a memorable character. From the human cage vents to the trap door maws, not since The Muppet Show has a stage been so anthropomorphic. Elsinore herself lives and breathes. Achtung!“

“ Director Richmond's Hamlet is a superlative example of educational theater and in my opinion is the first absolute-must-see production in Columbia since he directed Elephant's Graveyard at Trustus Theatre. “

Full Review “The Play Within the Play Within the Padded Walls: Must-See “Hamlet” at Theatre SC“–What Jasper Said - review by Arik Bjorn

Review Excerpt–

“As a friend commented after the lights went up, setting Hamlet in a madhouse is a production design concept that deserved to be done.“

“....Jim Hunter's set is reminiscent of a decaying, late Victorian-era asylum, much like the abandoned buildings found locally on Bull Street. A series of arches and an upper walkway tower over the stage, and allow for some striking lighting effects.“

“The re-imagined locale is best seen and understood as symbolic, just as Godspell doesn't really suggest that Jesus and his disciples were late '60s hippies singing show tunes, but rather uses that notion as a storytelling device to enhance the actual dialogue and meaning. There are echoes of Peter Weiss's Marat/Sade, although I was reminded most of the film King of Hearts, in which inmates similarly adopt various personas based on the clothing they don and the setting in which they find themselves.“

“....cast, director and creative folks behind the scenes are to be commended for an excellent realization of a difficult but vitally important work. “

Full Review “Get Thee to Drayton Hall for Theatre SC’s Hamlet “–Free Times - review by August Krickel

Polonius and Ophelia

To be or not to be

King Claudius at court

Angels and ministers of grace defend us

Hamlet possessed by the ghost of his father

The Player portrays Hecuba

What man dost thou dig it for?

Alas, poor Yorick

Ophelia sees the ghost of Polonius

The inmates take the stage

The set

Preshow Preset

Scene and Lighting Design Renderings

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