Mad Monkey Productions for Tuner Broadcasting

MLB Postseason Promo with Bryan Cranston
Summer 2014

Theatrical Based "Roadshow" Baseball Statium Concept Renderings
Orginal Concept Scene Designs: Jim Hunter
Revised Designs: Mad Monkey

Mad Monkey Productions was contracted to create a virtual baseball stadium theatrical style stage setting for a Turner Broadcasting's MLB 2014 Postseason Promo. Mr. Cranston was filmed in front of a full stage green screen at the Los Angles Theatre and then imposed into Mad Monkey's baseball stadium computer model setting. Dave Johnson, Artistic Director at Mad Money Productions, brought me onboard to consult on how a theatrical designer would approach creating an actual setting if this were an actual stage production. Discussions involved what typical theatrical techniques might be employed like the use of show themed portals, groundrow profile units, cycloramas, and the like. These renderings show my original computer models that were used as the basis for the final designs created by Mad Monkey.

View Video: MLB Postseason Promo with Bryan Cranston

Outfield Wall Shot

Outfield Wall Orginal Design Computer Model


Homebase Shot

Homebase Orginal Design Computer Model

Orginal Concept Sketch

Orginal Design Model Top View

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