Man of La Mancha

Orlando Shakespeare Theatre

Fall 2017

Direction: Jim Helsinger
Choreography: Kim Ball
Music Director: Michael Raabe
Scene Design: Jim Hunter
Costume Design: Denise Warner
Lighting Design: Bert Scott

Tilting at Windmills

“ You might do a double-take as you walk into Orlando Shakes Margeson Theater, and not only because a reconfiguration means audience seating is ”in the round” – on every side of the stage. Chains dangle from the ceiling, alongside a sinister rope noose. Against a backdrop of prison bars, lanterns flicker in aqua and green.

For Orlando Shakespeare Theater's production of the musical ”Man of La Mancha,” set designer Jim Hunter made sure the Margeson has never looked better.”

–Matthew J. Palm – Orlando Sentinel – September 8, 2017

Family Quarrels

“Shakes' magical dungeon propels 'Man of La Mancha'”

–Matthew J. Palm – Orlando Sentinel – September 8, 2017

I Am Don Quixote

“This beautifully mounted production.....“

–Michael Freeman – Freeline Productions – September 23, 2017


Knight of the Mirrors

“This is a show that puts all the Margeson Theater's tricks into play. There's a rotating stage, a center stage hydraulic riser, weird sound effects, and a moody set that looks like it was lifted from Piranesi's Prison etchings. “

–Carl F Gauze –Archikulture Digest – September 14, 2017

Just Alsono

To The Inquisition

Scene Design Renderings

Looking Down On The Set

Audience Level

The Inn

Family Quarrels

Only Thinking of Him

The Knight of the Mirrors

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