Runaway Runway
Fashion Show

Columbia Design League / Columbia Museum of Art

Township Auditorum
April 2013

Traditional Runway Format
Producer / Scene and Lighting Design: Jim Hunter

About Runaway Runway

While the world is serious about going green, the Columbia Design League’s funky fashion show proves that green can be fun, fashionable and fabulous! This avant-garde design competition features intrepid designers who turn post-consumer materials into haute couture treasures.

The Columbia Design League is a group of Columbia Museum of Art members who share a belief that design matters in every area of modern life. Members gather monthly to explore how great design affects every facet of our everyday lives and to broaden that understanding through vibrant, insightful programming. The Columbia Design League brings speakers from different disciples and different areas of the nation to infuse our region with creative energy, and to address the design issues faced by our community.

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