Orlando Shakespeare Theatre

Fall 2015

Direction: Jim Helsinger
Choreography: Billy Sprague, Jr
Music Director: Steve MacKinnon
Scene Design: Jim Hunter
Costume Design: From Tim Hatley's Orginal
Lighting Design: Bert Scott
Projection Design: Andrew Mulkey

The Orlando Sentinel named Spamalot a Top Ten Theatre Production in Orlando for 2015.

“ King Arthur and Monty Python have long enjoyed their effervescent friendship. But seldom does it burst forth into such ebullience as it does in Orlando Shakespeare Theatre's professional, laugh-a-minute production of Monty Python's Spamalot.”

“In fact, I have seen many productions of this and I'm happy to say I've never enjoyed an evening of silliness as much as I did Friday's opening. Perhaps it is the thrust stage which brings this nutty musical into your lap; or the talent-filled professional cast led by the dreamy Davis Gaines; or the blazing choreography; or the dazzling visuals from costumes and props to scenery and lighting.”

“No doubt. This is a recipe for a sure fire hit which is going to make it hard as Knights of Ni to get a ticket.”

“Jim Hunter's colorful scenic design works cleverly...”

“Do go to this. Orlando Shakes' production of Monty Python's 'Spamalot' is worth every mile you drive, every minute you spend and every penny you pay. It's theater fun, unbridled.”

–Pam Harbaugh –Brevard Culture – September 13, 2015

“The Shakes, happily enough, has done exactly what needs to be done to make "Spamalot" not only succeed but soar. ”

“Billy Sprague Jr.'s lighthearted choreography suits Jim Hunter's appropriately whimsical set. ”

“.....the gales of laughter from the audience – me most definitely included.”

–Matthew J. Palm – Orlando Sentinel – September 12, 2015

“ It's a wonderful production of the wacky, bawdy, and exhuberant stage version of the classic film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

“I don't think this presentation of SPAMALOT could be any better even if it had some actual Monty Python-ers in it. Yes, it was that good. ”

–Michelle Snow – Out and Aboutl – September 14, 2015

French Battlement

The Mightly Portcullis

The Feet of God

Davis Gaines as King Arthur and Dee Roscioli as the Lady in the Lake

Scene Design Renderings


Mighty Portcullis

Elevator raises piano from trap room

Caberet approach utlized an on stage band

Set utlized audience voms for battlement scenes

Find Your Grail

Swamp Castle

Make It On Broadway

Vegas Wedding

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