West Side Story

Arizona Broadway Theatre

Fall 2015

Direction: Kiel Klaphake
Choreography: Kurtis Overby
Music Director: James May
Costume Design: Lottie Dixon
Scene and Lighting Design: Jim Hunter

“Creative elements are beautiful, with Jim Hunter's set and lighting designs painting the stage with a multitude of moody colors that help bring the somewhat depressed settings to life. His backdrop that portrays the skyscrapers of Manhattan is superb. ”

“ Arizona Broadway Theatre's production has a talented cast, beautiful creative elements, and clear direction, bringing this poignant story to life in a moving way. ”

–Gil Benbrook –Talkin' Broadway – October 18, 2015

“The territorial and ethnic rivalry between the two gangs ~ the template for a majestic critique of youthful rebellion, the challenges of assimilation, and an America in transition ~ is enlivened by the robust fusion of James May's powerful musical direction; Kurtis Overby's fidelity to the choreography ~ executed with precision, muscularity, and grace by the ensemble; and Jim Hunter's sophisticated lighting and set design. ”

–Herbert Paine – Broadway World.Com – October 19, 2015

“ Jim Hunter's sparse though effective set and lighting design allows Kurtis W. Overby’s challenging choreography the luxury of filling out the stage.”

“Those already familiar with West Side Story should be happy, but it's those seeing it for the first time I envy, particularly when it's as accomplished as it here. Everyone remembers the first time they saw the musical. How nice that some of those memories will now be of a production at Arizona Broadway Theatre in Peoria. ”

–David Appleford – Valley Stage and Screen – October 18, 2015

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