West Side Story

Orlando Shakespeare Theatre

Fall 2016

Direction: Jim Helsinger
Choreography: Anthony Raimondi
Music Director: Steve MacKinnon
Scene Design: Jim Hunter
Costume Design: Denise Warner
Lighting Design: Bert Scott
Sound Designer: Craig M. Beyrooti

“Orlando Shakespeare Theater's stellar production of the enduring classic only amplifies the musical's power. ”

“Jim Hunter's set, is effectively spare, with ghostly apartment windows extending out to the audience. Somehow, those closed windows, with their comforting lights, seem accusatory: There's all this hatred going on below, they seem to say. Why don't you come out and do something about it?”

–Matthew J. Palm –Orlando Sentinel – October 8, 2016

“Go see West Side Story at Orlando Shakespeare Theater. Just do it... It's such a pleasure to be reminded of why and how the Broadway musical is a uniquely American art form. It's ours. We made it up. It stemmed from our immigrant-based culture as we sought out our place in the world. And because this production is done so well, you see that. You see through to the heart and soul of one of the most uniquely American evocations of a uniquely American art form. Now more than ever. Here more than anywhere. The stars lined up and the Shakes seized the moment.”

–Michael McLeod –Orlando Magazine

“The set is a realistic city block that gives off a grungy urban feel.

My favorite piece was “under the bridge,” which is a seemingly massive structure that lowers down when needed. As the light shines through the bridge piece, it creates the nice onstage contrasts of light and dark.”
–Kimberly Moy –Broadway World – September 19, 2016

Scene Design Renderings

Basic Set

Look Down View

The Rumble

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