The Glass Menagerie

Florida Repertory Theatre
Direction: Chris Clavelli
Scene and Lighting Design: Jim Hunter
Costume Design: Roberta Malcolm
Sept-Oct 2008

Laura with her menagerie

Florida Weekly - Review Excerpt
The Glass Menagerie - weaves its magic at the Florida Rep
Nancy Stetson

And Jim Hunter's set and lighting add much to this play's magical spell. The walls no longer exist; instead, Hunter provides the mere suggestion of walls: outlines with metal pipes, upon which hang family portraits and translucent curtains as flimsy and ephemeral as memories. This gauzy, atmospheric set is as poetic and creative as Tennessee Williams words.

News-Press - Review Excerpt
October 7, 2008
Classic treatment of classic Williams
Drew Sterwal

The set for Florida Repertory Theatres production of "The Glass Menagerie" features a backdrop with thin vertical images of urban apartment buildings and fire escapes. These tall slivers of the outside world alternate with black space. From the house, the effect is a bit like looking through prison bars. Tom Wingfield would probably appreciate that design, by Jim Hunter. The restless young man in Tennessee Williams' play feels imprisoned by responsibility to his family: an overbearing, nagging mother and a shy older sister who is so self-conscious that contact with strangers makes her physically ill. So, she retreats into her collection of glass animals.

Naple News - Review Excerpt
'Glass Menagerie' uneven, but still genius
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jim Hunter and his entire crew obviously spent an enormous amount of time creating a spectacular vision of the urban Depression era - including a fire-escape that makes use of every inch of the stage and then some. The lighting - including a large chunk of a second act that is lit only indirectly from candlelight and sources that would shine into the apartment - is perfect.

Scene Design Rendering

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