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Noises Off

Florida Repertory Theatre
Director: Robert Cacioppo--Artistic Director
Costume Design: Roberta Malcolm
Lighting Design: Aaron Meadow
October 2010

Scene Design: Jim Hunter

Acts One and Three

Review excerpt from The News-Press, November 5, 2010:

"In the second act, the set of the two story Tudor-style country home marvelously designed by
Jim Hunter is turned around so that we see the topsy-turvy backstage world of Nothing On." - Drew Steward

Act Two

Review excerpt from Florida Weekly, November 3-9, 2010:

"It let's audience see what it's like backstage, and even let's us see how Jim Hunter's marvelous set
is dismantled, turned around and reassembled like a three dimensional puzzle. It's akin to a magician
showing you how he does a trick, yet amazing still the same." - Nancy Stetson

Acts One and Three Rendering

Act Two Rendering

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