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August, Osage County

Florida Repertory Theatre
Direction: Robert Cacioppo, Artistic Director
Lighting Design: Dave Upton
Costume Design: Roberta Malcolm
March 2011

Scene Design: Jim Hunter

Photography Dorit Fisher

Review Excerpt-
Chris Silk, News-Press, March 15, 2011
The Rep has established a high standard for set design in its 13 years of producing theater in downtown Fort Myers, and "August" again achieves a remarkable level of scenic efficiency. Designer Jim Hunter's multilayered set and David Upton's evocative lighting design provide a well-established background for all of this family drama, with its overlapping dialogue and action taking place in darkened corners.

Photography Dorit Fisher

Review Excerpt-
Nancy Stetson, Florida Weekly, March 18, 2011
Jim Hunters four-leveled set gives us the suggestion of walls, showing us wood rafters that look like bones picked clean by vultures. The walls are most nonexistent, which should give a feeling of spaciousness, yet the house feels claustrophobic, filled with the Weston familys secrets and lies.

Photography Dorit Fisher

Review Excerpt-
Drew Sterwald, News-Press, March 18, 2011
One of the chief players in the production doesn't even have a word in the show. Florida Rep's creative team, led by Jim Hunter, transformed the stage into a battered, weathered multi-story house with seven or eight distinct playing areas - kitchen, living room, bedrooms, multi-story staircase, porch, etc. Looking at it, you'd never have thought the Florida Rep stage could hold that set.

Photography Dorit Fisher

Scene Design Rendering

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