Lectures from the Ringvorlesung WagnerWorldWide:Bayreuth, Wintersemester 2011-12.

19 October 2011
Anno Mungen (University of Bayreuth): “WagnerWorldWide: An Introduction” followed at 38:30 by
Thomas Betzwieser (University of Bayreuth) "A Case Study of Reception: The Israeli Chamber Orchestra Performing in Bayreuth 2011"

26 October 2011
Nicholas Vazsonyi (University of South Carolina/USA): “The Global Marketing of Wagner”
(includes introductory remarks by Anno Mungen, Director of FIMT; Michael Hohl, Mayor of Bayreuth; Rüdiger Bormann, President of the University of Bayreuth; and Arne Stollberg, representing the University of Bern, Switzerland) Vazsonyi Abstract

02 November 2011
Barbara Mittler (Heidelberg University): “Wagner Goes East: Chinese Encounters with European Opera”

09 November 2011
Susanne Lachenicht (University of Bayreuth): “When Nationalism Meets Cosmopolitanism – Ideas, Discourses and Mentalities in the Later 19th Century”

16 November 2011
Eva Rieger (Vaduz/Liechtenstein): “Gender in Wagner's Music”

23 November 2011
Anna-Catharina Gebbers (Berlin): “Christoph Schlingensief's Operndorf Afrika”

30 November 2011
Gundula Kreuzer (Yale University/USA): “Performance, Media, Authenticity: Technologies of (Re)production and the Metropolitan Opera's new Ring

07 December 2011
Sven Friedrich (Director of Wagner Museum, Bayreuth): “Scenographing Wagner”

14 December 2011
Anno Mungen (University of Bayreuth): “Wagner-Scapes”

21 December 2011
Wolf-Dieter Ernst (University of Bayreuth): “Wagner and Distributed Aesthetics”

11 January 2012
Emile Wennekes (University of Utrecht/Netherlands): “(Re)mediating Wagner: Productive Reception in Visual and Virtual Media”

18 January 2012
Clemens Risi (Freie Universität, Berlin): “Performing Wagner for the 21st Century”

25 January 2012
Thomas Bargatzky (University of Bayreuth): “Nature and Myth in Richard Wagner's Ring – An Anthropological Perspective”

1 February 2012
Panel Discussion Arne Stollberg (U. Bern), Wolf-Dieter Ernst (U. Bayreuth), Nicholas Vazsonyi (U. of South Carolina), Moderator: Anno Mungen (Forschungsinstitut für Musiktheater): "Festival Cultures - Then and Now"


WagnerWorldWide: China 20-22 June 2012

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