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Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers have great potential for teaching geography, mathematics, science, and even physical education!

The following links present the "how-to's" of GPS use, some lesson ideas, and resources for starting an after-school GPS club.

GPS Use in the Classroom:  
PowerPoint File
PDF Narrative File
Setting up a GPS Course PowerPoint File
Setting up a GPS Course PDF Narrative File
Field Trip GPS Navigation PowerPoint File
Field Trip GPS Navigation PDF Narrative File
GPS Lesson Resources:  
Geocaching with Google Earth PDF File
Geocaches: Types and Sizes PDF File
Geocaching Choropleth Maps PDF File
GPS Club Resources:  
Geocaching Clubs PowerPoint File
Using GPS in the Classroom PDF File
Starting a Club PDF File
Promotional Flyer Word File
Permission Form Word File
Club Application Word File
GPS Lingo PDF File