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Dow photo

Kirstin Dow

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Clark University, 1996

Department of Geography
Callcott, Room 213
Columbia, SC 29208

Phone: (803) 777-2482   Fax: (803) 777-4972
Current Vitae

Areas of Interest
Environmental Change
Hazards and Vulnerability
Climate Risks, Decision-making and Adaptation
Environmental Justice

My major research projects address vulnerability, adaptation and decision-making with respect to climate variability, climate change and water resources.

Recent Publications
Dow, K. and T. E. Downing. (2006) Atlas of Climate Change. Berkeley: University of California Press and London: Earthscan. (available in Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and German)

Dow, K., R.E. O’Connor, B, Yarnal, G. J. Carbone, and C. L. Jocoy. 2007. Why worry? Community water system managers’ perceptions of climate vulnerability. Global Environmental Change.

Dow, K., R.E. Kasperson, and M. Bohn. 2006. "Exploring the Social Justice Implications of Adaptation." In Adger, W.N. et al., eds. Fairness and Climate Change. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Pp. 79-96.

R.E. Kasperson and Dow, K., Coordinating Lead Authors, Lead Authors: E. Archer, D. Caceres, T. Downing, T. Elmqvist, C. Folke, G. Han, K. Iyengar, C. Vogel, K. Wilson, G. Ziervogel. 2006. "Vulnerable Peoples and Places," Chapter 6 for the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: Conditions and Trends Volume. Washington, D.C.: Island Press pp. 143-164.

O'Connor, R.E., B. Yarnal, Dow, K., C.L. Jocoy, and G. J. Carbone. 2005. Feeling at-Risk Matters: Water Managers and the Decision to Use Forecasts. Risk Analysis 25(5): 1265-1275.

Carbone, G.J. and Dow, K.. 2005. "Water Resource Management and Drought Forecasts in South Carolina." Journal of the American Water Resources Association 41(1):145-155.


“Zayed Prize for Scientific and Technical Achievement” for the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment co-authored with 1360 scientists, 2005.

Environmental Stewardship Award, School of the Environment, University of South Carolina. 2001.

Outstanding Faculty Service-Learning Award, University of South Carolina. 1999.

Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change
Environmental Geography Seminar
Human Impact on the Environment
Social Aspects of Environmental Planning and Management
Environment and Development

Professional Service

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), Working Group 2. Lead Author, Chapter 16 Adaptation Opportunities, Constraints, and Limitations. (term 2010-2014).

National Academy of Sciences. Member, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate. (term 2008-2011).

Editor, Weather, Climate, and Society, Journal of the American Meteorological Society (term 11/09-1/13) (1 of 3 editors, R. Balstad, Chief Editor).

Editorial Boards, Annals of the Association of American Geographers (term 2008-2012), The Professional Geographer (term 2009-2010).

Grad Students

Sam Ferguson, MS in progress
Lauren Felker, MS in progress
Ben Haywood, PhD in progress
Nathan Kettle, PhD in progress
Kirsten Lackstrom, PhD in progress

Christina Griffin, MS 2009
“Gender and Social Capital: Social Networks Post-Disaster”
Heather Landry, MS 2008
“An Analysis of the Effects of Zoning on The Distribution of Risk Associated with the Location of Industrial Facilities”
Sara Yorty, MS 2008
“Drought Impacts on Water-Based Recreational Businesses in North and South Carolina”
Gregory Sprouse, MS 2007
“A Historical Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover Change for Cheraw State Park, Chesterfield CO, SC”